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Frequently Asked Questions

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General small business problems

  1. I am so busy; I just don’t have enough time to think about the future. A friend told me I should put a plan together to help me move forward, but I wouldn’t know where to start.
  2. I am an experienced engineer and find I need to get more clients but I have never sold. How do I go about finding a good sales person?
  3.  My accountant does my books each year for me, but I feel I am seeing the results far too late to respond to any challenges that come up, so I am forever fighting fires. How do I get out of this continual problem?
  4. I love my work and my business is going well, but I am working all hours to keep it going. I hardly see my kids these days and that is really worrying. How do I change this and have more time to spend with them?

Staff Problems

  1. One of my team is regularly late in, at least three days a week. I have spoken with him, but things only improve for a few days and then he slips back. It has been going on for 6 months now. I really don’t know what to do for the best.
  2. I have an employee who is regularly taking sick days. Over the last 8 months she has taken 21 days off sick. She says she suffers from migraines and it is hard to know whether this is true or not. Can you give me any advice on how to deal with this?

Management Problems

  1. I have an employee who has been with us for many years and was promoted to a Supervisor last year. He is now managing the team he worked with and it isn’t working out very well. They just don’t listen to him or respect him and that is affecting the efficiency of the team. What should I do?
  2. We hired a Sales Manager about 5 months ago and he has a lot of sales experience, but his team are not achieving what they used to do. I am really concerned as it is seriously affecting our sales revenue figures. The sales manager has told me that, in his opinion, several sales people are lazy and he is considering letting them go. They have always achieved their targets before. This is really troubling me. Do I support the Sales Manager or my sales people?

Staff Performance

  1. I have a sales person who has been with me for a number of years and has done well for me, but over the last year he has become inconsistent, some months he does well and another month he is woeful. I just want him to get back to his old self. What should I do?
  2. I have one technician, who is a very good tradesman, but he simply refuses to work with one of the other technicians in the company, and there are times they really need to work together as they are the only two industrial technicians we have. I don’t want to lose him but if this goes on much longer I may have to let him go. Can you please advise me on this?

Resourcing/Recruitment Problems

  1. Our contracting company has projects that vary in workloads from week to week. It is costly keeping on permanent staff when half the time I don’t need them. I am considering moving to external contractors and maybe casual workers. How should I go about changing my current set-up?
  2. I was interviewing a person the other day and asked them their age and this individual exploded and stated I can’t ask that question and has since reported me to the Labour Department. For heaven’s sake, all I wanted to know was how old he was as the job needs someone who has a few years of experience under their belt. Surely this can be asked?

Business Performance Problems

I cannot understand why my revenue is going up to all-time highs, while we are making less Net Profit. What could it be?

Financial Problems

We have been extremely busy over the last few years but still our cost of sales has increased as well, and we have a problem with our two main suppliers. One has already put us on pay-as-we-go and the other has stopped supplying us all together. If this continues we will lose some or all of our current projects. How do we resolve this?

Cash Flow Problems

Our business is collecting in more cash than it used to but my cash-flow is still under pressure. Why can this be and how can I fix it.

Business Development Problems

My business has operated for 5 years now and every year we have achieved a small growth over the previous year, but we really need to up our game as we know several of our customers will possibly close-down by the end of the year. We also have an opportunity to export overseas, but how do we handle all this and drive our business forward?

Employment Relations Problems

Our company is growing and we are putting more staff on weekly. Our management team are suffering with the growth of their teams and we are experiencing an increase in various staff issues and concerns. A lot of this can be put down to our managers’ lack of experience in this area. You will appreciate that this is causing us customer problems and already a drop in our outputs. We have no-one here who is knowledgeable about ER and frankly cannot afford a full-time HR Manager. Can you provide us with some cost-effective ways of resolving these problems?

Business Risk Problems

I am a CEO of a company that has been operating for about 25 years and it has been pretty successful despite the fact that our systems, procedures and IT programmes haven’t been touched for at least 15 years and that is beginning to hurt our efficiencies.
I have gone to our Board of Directors and said that we have to make some changes before we are really badly affected. They are dubious about my claims and have basically challenged me to prove my concerns.
What is the best way to determine the risks to our company? Where do we start? Please be aware we have few people in our company who could assist especially in the financial side of things.



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