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Fixed Fee Recruitment

This is an innovative approach to your recruiting needs. Gone are the high fees based on a % of the new employee’s annual remuneration package. We provide a comprehensive recruiting process from writing your advert to providing a short list for your interviewing.

Fixed Fees are:

  • Non-Managerial positions such as clerks, sales people, technicians etc.: $1500 plus GST
  • Supervisors and specialist positions: $2500 plus GST
  • Managerial Positions, and senior analysts: $3500 plus GST.
Start using our recruiting services and save thousands of your hard earned dollars! Send for more information and conditions now.


Conducting your own interviews

There will be a time when some of your people will need to conduct interviews. This is a highly skilled process and if mistakes are made it could cost your company a lot of money and, in many instances, it is not always easy to terminate someone’s employment. Please contact us and discus our one-day coaching programme on Effective Interviewing skills course, which we can provide for a team of your managers or one person only.



Another area of potential concern in the interviewing process is the number of things an interviewer cannot say to an applicant, and if the interviewer is not aware of these it can cause problems, especially if an applicant refers his/her concerns to the employment authority. All of these things are covered in our one-day Interviewing programme, which we strongly recommend to you.

Making your decision – More than a Gut-Feel

Even when the interviewing process has been conducted effectively, there is still a problem ahead, how do you intend to make your decision on which applicant will be offered the job?
In many instances it comes down to your ‘feelings’ about people, and this is when you should step back and consider it logically, using a set of pre-determined criteria to help in this important process, but in many instances the ‘gut-feel’ is applied. Many times this will work but at other times it will seriously let you down and you find, very quickly, that you have made a bad mistake, and this can be very costly to the company to resolve. To avoid this type of disaster we ask you to consider sending your key people to our Interviewing programme.

Making a Job Offer

This is yet another area of the recruitment process that has to be dealt with effectively. What should be included and what should not be included. A mistake or oversight at this stage could ruin all the good work put in so far.
Learn what to provide and say in a job offer by attending our Interviewing programme and avoid some potential issues that may come back to haunt you!

Presenting your Employment Agreement to a new employee

Every employee has to receive the appropriate employment agreement. There are a few types; the Individual Employment Agreement; a Collective agreement; a Part Time agreement; a Fixed Term agreement; a Casual employee agreement and a Contractor’s agreement. Do you know which agreement should be used and why?
If an employment agreement is simply handed over to a new employee by someone who has no idea what the sections in the agreement all mean, and is unable to explain them coherently , there can be difficulties with the employee.
Managers and key staff involved in this process should be fully aware of all the sections in your agreement.
We strongly recommend those key people attend our half-day or whole day programme on employment legislation, and the terms used in agreements. It will pay dividends for your company and help to avoid problems in this area in the future.


Developing Position Descriptions

One of the documents that is considered part of the company’s employment documents, is the position description. This is a key document and in many instances is given to the new employee on joining the Company. There are, however, many companies who do not provide this to their employees, and this approach can lead to problems with an employee later in their employment. If created effectively, and fully reviewed with the new employee at the time of joining, it can be extremely beneficial to the company and the individual.
If this area needs to be reviewed in your company, please contact us and we can help you establish an effective Position Description and associated processes.



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