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Employment Relations Services


Employment Agreement development

We maintain an up-to-date set of employment agreements, and can tailor these to meet your company’s own unique needs. Any question you may have concerning any of the contents of an agreement can be answered and clarified, just contact us.

Performance Management

This is an important part of every company, and should be included in your employment agreements.
Companies should ensure Key Performance Indicators and Targets are established for all positions in the company.

There are two areas of Performance Management:

  • On-the-Job Performance Management

    Where managers ensure employees are working in a productive manner and are fully aware of the targets and KPIs they are responsible for. The manager should be providing on-the-job feed-back to employees on areas going well and areas that need improvement. They should also coach those employees to show and guide them on how work should be applied. Recognition of work achieved is a key motivating factor for all employees. Talk to us if you wish to introduce a more structured approach to performance management into your company.

  • Performance Review/Appraisal

    This is where companies establish a regular review process with employees, to review past performance, and provide feed-back, guidance and training when needed, to assist an individual in achieving established performance targets. Talk to us if you wish to introduce a more structured approach into performance reviews in your company.

Feedback – The breakfast of champions

This is a very important communication technique for managing people and their performance. We recommend all managers, who have staff reporting to them, should attend our half-day coaching course on this topic. Feedback can motivate employees to succeed, and feel part of the team.

KPI development and management

If you want your company to grow and your people to perform at required levels, setting KPIs and Targets have to be done effectively. Contact our specialist in this area and he will assist you in developing these sometimes very important but tricky tools.

Redundancy Management

Redundancy is when a position or individual becomes superfluous to a company’s needs, and can occur when a company is restructuring, downsizing or selling part or all of the company. There are specific laws and guidelines in place to protect employees in these circumstances. There are also important processes that have to be instituted by a company at this time, to keep the company and specific employees involved through a consultative approach. Talk with us if you are not sure on how to proceed and we can assist you in this area.

Personal Grievance

  • Employment Relationship Problems

    The Employment Relations Act 2000 has a process for resolving employment relations problems in an informal manner with the last option being to take the matter to the Employment Court. This process should be incorporated into employment agreements.
     An employment relationship problem can be anything arising out of an employment relationship except for bargaining over new terms and conditions.  The most common problem is a personal grievance because an employee believes he/she has been disadvantaged by something the employer did (or did not do), or has been unjustifiably dealt with or dismissed.  There can also be a dispute about the entitlements or obligations of the individual employment agreement.
    All managers should be aware of this process and ensure it is followed correctly. We recommend our half-day training on the key factors involved in managing human resources in line with legislation.

  • Company Involvement in employment problems

    Companies have a responsibility to follow the grievance process in good faith and respond to a Grievance within 14 days. The process will lead the company through each step in the required process. If a company is unused to this we can act on your behalf and conduct the various meetings required. We recommend this more useful until a company is confident in doing it themselves.

  • Individual employee involvement in employment problems

    In the case of an employee with a grievance who wishes to raise it with their employer, they have just 90 days in which to raise a PG. After that the employer does not have to recognise the PG unless they are willing to do so. Employees are advised to use our services to assist in helping resolve a grievance.  

Advocacy for company mediations

In situations where a company is having to deal with a disciplinary matter or a PG from one of their employees, it is recommended you use our advocacy services, this is especially important if the employee has arranged to bring their own representative to any disciplinary or mediation meeting.

Advocacy for personal mediation

In cases where an employee is to be involved in a disciplinary meeting, or could be affected by restructuring or other changes to your employment, it is recommended that you use our advocacy services to act on your behalf. Contact us and discuss your needs and concerns.

Disciplinary processes

Do you have a clearly defined code of conduct and disciplinary process in your company? This is very important; otherwise issues could escalate and eventually cost your company a lot of time and money. Contact us and we can help set the appropriate processes up for you. We can also conduct disciplinary meetings for you.

Staff and management training on HR processes

All managers should be aware of the key areas of employment legislation; the processes involved and possess the skills to manage issues and conflicts. We can conduct half day and full day sessions on this for your management team, at very reasonable rates.



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