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Tailored Business Coaching Programmes

When you are ‘knee-deep’ in keeping your company operating, it is easy not to see ‘the wood from the trees’. At times the company may only just be surviving but you are not fully aware of that, you just know something is not right. That is the time to seek external help and advice, before things get even worse. We are here to help companies look at their company with new eyes. We have a range of services that may help in helping companies to get back on track. All it takes is to contact us and come in for a free and confidential discussion. At this stage we can determine some preliminary steps to move your company forward.
Please contact us now, don’t let problems escalate!

Below are just some of the services that we can provide. All of these can be tailored to meet your company’s unique needs.

  • Conducting Risk Management

    We have an associate company we collaborate with, in order to provide our clients with an opportunity to assess the various potential risks facing their company. It can be a good starting place to determine areas of possible concern which can then be prioritised according to the severity of risk impact which can then be developed into a set of strategies for the company to implement. Please contact us to learn more about this tool and the opportunities it can provide.

  • Reviewing Company Results and Processes

    Another method of evaluating a company’s problems is to conduct a review of those areas that may be giving a company concern. We can undertake this approach in association with the owner or senior manager(s) of your company and then provide a comprehensive report on our findings, which can then be used to develop the necessary plans and strategies that are necessary to effect changes and improvements in your company.

  • Developing Plans and Strategies

    Based on the findings of a Risk survey or a Review of your Company’s results and processes, a set of plans and strategies can be developed in consultation with the company management team.This can be a comprehensive set of plans covering all areas of the business or a set of plans covering specific areas of concern.  Please talk to us about this approach and remember every company needs an operating and business plan created annually, to drive the company forward.

  • Company Restructuring

    There will be times when companies have to consider the need to restructure the company or part of it. This is an essential right of all companies, but there is a required process to adhere to and this is when companies may not be aware of these processes and cause problems for themselves and their people. Please contact us to discuss the requirements here and enjoy a stress free restructure.

  • Quality Management

    Every company should be continually striving for customer satisfaction, but to do this well it will need a set of policies and procedures in place to ensure excellence is constantly being provided its clients. Do you currently have a set of these policies and procedures in place in your company? You really cannot afford to ignore customer care, please contact us and discus how we can tailor a programme to meet your business needs. Where would you be without customers.

  • Health & Safety

    Over the last 20 years a lot of work has been done in this area by OSH and many companies are complying with the important guidelines laid down. It is every company’s responsibility to have a set of policies and procedures in place, whether small, medium or large companies. Do you have a current set of H&S policies and procedures? If not contact us today and we can help you establish or re-establish these, and get your key people trained up and safe.

  • Project Management

    The processes involved in Project Management, if applied effectively, can assist every company in implementing their plans and strategies, as well as their specific projects they undertake. It is an extremely useful set of processes that when applied can really ‘make things happen’ in your company. Please contact us today to discuss how we can help you with this.

  • Staff Management

    When individuals are promoted to a management role it is highly unlikely the individual has ever received any professional training or support on how to manage people. The common approach is that it is assumed that because a person has been a good sales person, administrator, technician or analyst, they will be able to assume the role of manager quickly and easily, wrong! If a person has not led people before, it will be a scary consideration for most people. And if that person has been promoted within the same team, he/she worked in before, it can become a real disaster. Please don’t do this to your new managers, give them a chance to come to grips with this new role by sending them on a one or two day coaching course on staff management with us. This is a one-on-one programme that allows the individual to learn at a pace that suits them. The end objective is to be able to lead and motivate a team in order to achieve productive results for the company.



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